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Author Topic: AFMR Update ... July 27, 2017  (Read 28634 times)

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AFMR Update ... July 27, 2017
« on: August 01, 2017, 09:00:33 AM »

150 SE's have shipped already

AFMR LE's are shipping now!

Chicago Gaming will first be shipping the Serial Number Matching games (for existing MMR customers), and that is expected to go quickly as most of those games have already been built and expected to have been shipped by about Aug 11

Then there will be some more AFMR LE's thru end-aug to early Sept.

A Batch of MMR's will be built in Sept

Then back to AFMR LE's in Early Oct to finish up until the AFMR LE's are all shipped.

So, we are in pretty good shape on getting games out.


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