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Lead time for remake #3

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So the word is that #3 won't be introduced in Texas.  That there is some "new" technology that isn't yet ready.

Lloyd Olson:
According to CGC's Facebook post.

"Like a fine wine, a pinball is not done till itís done.  We have elected to delay the introduction of Pinball #3. Originally we were scheduled to introduce our next pin at the Texas Pinball Festival in Dallas, Texas on March 16-18th.   Additional features are being added while deploying some newer technologies.   While we know this will disappoint a few people, we are confident that once they see the final product that they will be blown away.   Chicago Gaming will still be present at the Texas Pinball Festival regardless.  More information on PIN # 3 in the weeks to come."

We saw what was accomplished with AFMR. I'm sure the wait, though hard, will be well worth it.

LTG : )

Sounds like we are going to get one magnificent new machine.  Looking forward to the reveal when it is ready.  Thanks for the update Lloyd.

I will start by saying I'm a happy owner of the mmr. Waiting for the announcement of game 3 any updates? Thanks in advance

Game #3: Any news yet, im stressing out ??? :-\


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