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Lead time for remake #3

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Hi Rick,
First off, my compliments to you all for the MMr and AFMr.  Both are well worth the wait and price.
PPS/CGC held off on announcing AFMr until production could reasonably ship out the games, which in my opinion was wise.

How much would you estimate we as consumers have as lead time between announcement of remake #3 to the collection of final payment? Translation, how long do I have to save up for you next remake?

Thanks as always.

I'm sure we will all look at how AFMR rolled out and make any adjustments in terms of annoucement timing for game #3 to reduce any problems. It also depends on how the models rollout and what other runs are scheduled. At some point it will behave similar to Stern where there is not a long wait and games are available in as projected.


I like it very much offline. It's the content I like very much. Read the good.

Interested in remake #3 Any hints on the  release date when will be announced.. I got payment in hand

Lloyd Olson:
CGC has said they will announce it at Texas Pinball Festival March 16th, 17th, & 18th.

LTG : )


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