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AFMR Update - General (current) Schedule and Status


AFMR SE games are boxed up and shipping, some had shipped last week to support some shows, many more are shipping now

We have all seen a very reliable games - games have been at several shows in the last few weeks with absolutely no hiccups or breakages, etc - good news.

CGC is doing alot of QA on the games before going out - at least 3 stages of QA with a final signoff

Expecting the initial batch of SE's to be done by end of June and then moving to the LE's

LE's are expected to start shipping early to mid July.

CGC is assessing their build rate but they are on track and still ramping up to their comfortable rate but they are happy with the results and continue to hire people.

We are also 'projecting' the MMR build to be around Mid-Aug now and will update as we know more

We will be updating as we get more information.


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