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Attack From Mars Update - May 31st - Production Begins



Quick update regarding AFMR production status - per discussion with Chicago Gaming.

UPD: 6/1/17 - First True Production game came off the line and CGC is very happy with the result - will be heavily tested, many complete tested playfields done, being married to cabinets now, so production has truly begun, but there will be a ramp-up.

Production started and several games are expected to be shipped on Friday.

Parts are in for the initial production run, they have not identified any issues at this time impacting production.

Games are on the line, and several are expected to come off tomorrow (Thurs June 1), those would be tested and expected to be shipped on Friday. These are full production serial numbered SE games.

All games will have SOL (Stroke of Luck) protector installed, as well as games will have mylar as per factory as well as additional mylar in wear area in front of the 3 bank forcefield targets.

There will be a slow ramp-up of the games thru the next weeks, obviously to ensure the quality of the build, etc.

The initial batch of <100 games will be Special Edition games. SE's first for two reasons a) Shipping SE games for dealer showroom, show support, etc and b) There have been a number of improvements in the LE topper and those improvements resulted in revisions to some LE topper (only) parts.

There will be an update expected from Chicago Gaming on Thursday with pictures and more overview on the production line and status. We wanted to update on May 31st as many of you may have been watching on the last day of May for an update.

The game is solid - PPS have had a pre-production game since February, and the game has been extremely solid. The game ran non-stop during the Allentown show, as well as was sent right away to the Pin A Go-Go show, and had no issues.

PPS is now requesting SE customers for final payment unless you have requested a late shipment not in the first batch. Soon afterward we will start requesting final payment for LE customers. We will contact those customers based on our (and CGC's forecast) of trying to keep +/- 30 days out from shipment date.


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