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Time and Date Issue


Lloyd Olson:
If your game occasionally has the time date error, the 2.0.2. update is on the CGC site with instructions to download and install.

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LTG : )

Where does the microSD card get inserted into the MMr control board? In the USB port on top? (I assume that's why the instructions mention the need for a USB/microSD adapter but just want to be sure.)

Lloyd Olson:
Micro SD card inserted in port on top.

I've attached picture, if you look closely you'll see a micro SD card in it.

LTG : )

Lloyd Olson:
You need the USB/microSD adapter to plug into your computer to upload update onto micro SD card.

Micro SD card plugs into micro SD port on top of the small board in the backbox.

LTG : )


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