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Lloyd I have a question that I figured inside people such a yourself would be able to answer and that is about the components and parts for this game and the others to come .
The question I have is , are the vendors from the last game MMR doing the prep stage components for this game ,  my concern as many others have outlined in the 1st showing of the new AFMR in what ever venue it was shown at and the point here is the playfield and yes I did look at the playfield and what others had mentioned on the "chipping aspect" ....normal play does not account for such severe chipping I should know as my MMR has over 500 plays and no problems at all noticed on the playfield at all ...including heavy bashing going through the castle ..
So if by chance a machine runs 50 games ,like on this AFMR and it starts showing signs of the severity of the playfield chipping as shown on the 3 or so machines shown at the show ...are we to take this as "Normal play" ..??? Just asking as let me tell you and Chicago gaming , I get flaking and chipping  on my new 10K + machine within a few months , Yes I maybe pissed ..
So my  question is are these playfields being manufactured at the same facility and manufacture as the MMR ..??

Just a question of concern ,, no this is not a Mercedes , but it is 10K + and I am looking for a little bit of endurance, reliability and wear .
Yes up here to the North of you all its a bit different to purchase one of these and its like getting a mortgage for a home be frank its just over 13K including tax's and delivery .. so yes I would like something without issues .

Just a point of view and a reasonable question that should be easy to answer .

Lloyd Olson:
I'm not really inside. I'm more after the fact.

I wouldn't worry about the playfields. The three AFMR's and MMR at Texas had seen heavy use at an industry show and then went to Texas Pinball Festival. The one had a chip at the kickout, which in production is coming with a protector there. The other two AFMR's and MMR showed no signs of chipping.

CGC is making playfields and cabinets for AMFR, just like they did with MMR.

I hope this helps you.

LTG : )

Lloyd you put my mind at rest and my trust is in your rapport.
I don't think I'am alone on questioning anything on these machines as they are now up to 2-3 x's the cost from original's and friends and acquaintances do still ask...
At this price for a toy ...Are you "all-right" or just going through a mid life crisis

Lloyd Olson:
It should be pointed out that the cost isn't quite 2-3 times the cost of the original.

My AFM was $3400

The Classic at TPF unveiling was $6500. So not quite $6800 at 2 times. And two coats of clear on the playfield instead of one like Williams had. And warranty of 6 months electrical and 3 months of mechanical. Williams didn't offer me any warranty.

The SE at TPF was $7200. But for the extra $700, you get bigger display, metallic finish saucers, and tri color led show on the saucers. And warranty is twice as long as the Classic.

The LE at TPF was $7900. And for $700 more you get choice of green, black, or stainless trim, mirror side blades, big topper with saucers and great light show, and twice the warranty as the SE.

While this is a lot of money, none reach three times the original. And for each model up the ladder, not just a price increase, you are also getting more value.

And I entered the 1995 $3400 into one of those on line inflation calculators, and it comes to $5483.43 in 2017 dollars.

All things considered, I think PPS/CGC did a hell of a job !

LTG : )

Lloyd Olson:
Doug Skor posted pictures on Pinside. Post #274

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Things are getting real.

LTG : )


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