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Starving for news...

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Anyone have any updates on timeline, etc?  Please...

There should be an update soon, but things are going well. Final approval for production was signed off by WMS as well as UL Certification had been done a while ago, so I would expect that CGC will update on when first games will come off the line, which was last quoted as "May"


Will you guys be at Pinfest in Allentown PA next week?  Would be great to meet you all and see the game.

Curious, on Pinside there is mention of backboard art work.

I'm in on a LE, I understand that it will arrive with mirror sides. Is this backboard artwork a new addition or is there some last minute changes going on?

Lloyd Olson:
Rick will probably chime in here.

I haven't heard any news on back board art other than Pinside.

LTG : )


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