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Enough said

count me in , after Monster Bash of course :)

That would be great !!!
I would be in .. I am sure many others also ....

Watching pf repo parts id guess totan.
Thinking easy money  ccr.
Hoping with my wallet in hand monster bash.
Imo bbbr 2 would be further down the road. The remake boards for bbbr would not be the same as the other williams titles being floated. Totally doable but not probable.

Hope # 3 pin is MB. One of the most beautiful pin featuring many of the monsters from Universal Studios. Suggest the inside of the cabinet, where you have mirrors in AFM-RE LE, you place vinyl graphics lit by changing led lights , PinSound, and a 3D lenticular high resolution translite in the MB-R LE. Then e-mail me so I can order one! Thanks for MB-LE and AFM-LE. My dad bought me my first pin in 1952, a 1948 Williams Yanks for $10.00 used of course. It was the greatest gift at that time and I have bought over 35 pins, and 10 + arcades since then. The quality of your machines and the shipping are 10 plus. It is really a pleasure dealing with PP.


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