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AFMR Trim Color


So, as with MMR, there is debate over the AFMR trim color. Interesting fact - while there was vocal opposition to the MMR Gold trim - I think about 70+% of people ordered that way ... moral of the story is that vocal does not necessarily equal majority.

We have a game here and the green is fine, it stands out and is intended to match the green on the playfield which it appears to.

There is a valid concern when the trim color does not 'do it' for someone and so I would predict that black option (same as on MMR) will likely become an option on the MMR LE ... nothing formal from CGC, but I can see that happening.

As for Red ... PPS will see if there is interest and run "Martian Red" trim and have that available for aftermarket - replacing trim is not a complex task. I do think that there would be ALOT of red on the cabinet, and oversaturates the game with red, also there is alot of yellow/orange/red on the art, and coming up with the 'right' red I'm sure there would be an equal pushback on red.

NOTE: If we are to do any RED, it will be something that we run and sell from our store, and customers buy and put on their games and take the old ones off. We will have spare green, black (which we have now), and gold (mmr). So, no, at this time it is not an option on AFMR.

BUT, if anyone wants red trim let me know and if enough interest then we will run some ...



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