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Alex. Blaser:
my money is waiting too, but only for CCCR  8)

There will never be a CCCR, but there will be a re-written CCR with modifications ...

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginWell likely the next games might be BBB, MB, KP, TOM, or CC ... so a 20% at this point you are right.

--- End quote ---

I have room for one more pin.  I would like to see a CVr.  I realize it was not the best seller, but the machine looks good and is fun to play.  Looks great in the game room.

Gimme me a KP or a BBB please!Only game i will keep money for

I know it flies in the face of the purists but since these are "remakes" not reproductions, why not open the bezel on the display and use the entire screen? You're already rewriting the code, I'm guessing it wouldn't take much to stretch the graphics to fit.


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