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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI know it flies in the face of the purists but since these are "remakes" not reproductions, why not open the bezel on the display and use the entire screen? You're already rewriting the code, I'm guessing it wouldn't take much to stretch the graphics to fit.

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I agree!

TOTAN please. Love it

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginWell likely the next games might be BBB, MB, KP, TOM, or CC ... so a 20% at this point you are right.

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How about TAF???

Its a super high in demand game. Many are beat up with a ton of plays.
The price is on the rise. Many new pinballers dont have access to a decent condition
cabinet for less than 6-7 used and then need to pay additional money to  fix and restore.
I would love to pay 7-8k for a brand new The Addams Family.
Every one in my family loves it.
Women love the Franchise as well as men.
It would sell very very well.

the main challenge with TAF's is how many they made ...

MBR and CCR = take my money immediately.


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