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NEED to Borrow: Cactus Canyon Original Collector Plate


Need to borrow one to get them remade, have the original supplier and molds, just need to get them one to color match and get the holes in the right place.

If you have one that we could borrow for a couple of weeks, please let me know directly You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login and we can figure out how to compensate you for helping out.


i havnt 1     but you certainly have my imagination going .

Ask this guys:

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They took over the shop from Andreas and he has tons of original plaquettes. He bought them years ago and sold many of them
to the owners of the machines ! It seems a box of this plaquettes came to germany.

 What I learned from this helped me tremendously.

I'm not expecting to receive this kind of information. The subject matter is very desirable.


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