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Difficulty shooting Merlin Magic

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Finding it increasingly difficult to hold a ball into Merlin Magic.

A sweet shot particularly from the left flipper fires straight through. About the only way I seem to hold a ball in there is from a miss-hit after it hits something else slowing the momentum of the ball.

Anyone else ??? Any modifications suggested???

Thank you

I don't know.  Any place to stick some foam back there?
Mine stays in the hole 95% of the shots.

Same on the original. Some drop dead foam on the back of the metal will help a lot.

Thanks for the replies.
Tried the foam and even re-tensioned the spring on the gate entrance.

No improvement

Almost as frustrating as mode start on Indy!

There must be something that isn't set right or is off a bit near the hole. Based on what people say on here I expected it to be a lot worse when I got mine, but it stays in 99% of the time. I should add that I have the Mantis protector and the front comes up a hair higher than the playfield, which may help deaden the ball, but it doesn't impede it's path in any way.


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