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Hi folks,
Just curious what everyone's input is on the following subject: The new pinball tables technology will make future repair difficult or impossible, and that sticking with the original machines would be more feasible. This was not solenoids, coils etc, but rather the play fields circuitry in question. "Once they go bad, you cant fix them" to paraphrase.
A reputable and friendly amusement company near me suggested that the danger in buying the new style games would involve the play field circuitry going bad down the road preventing repairs.
I took it as friendly advice, but also as biased as the newer machines might put these folks out of work so to speak.

If this is on the wrong board, my apologies.  Just looking for everyone's thoughts.


Lloyd Olson:
Things always change.

MM from 20 years ago has many parts on boards obsolete. AV board for example.

Your playfield is the same wood and parts and assemblies as the original. The lighting and boards that run it are redesigned. Very similar to what Stern is doing and Williams would be too if they were still in business.

My experience in tech support suggests that there aren't that many people out there who repair boards, for others or themselves. But they do seem to keep a lot of the early to later solid state games going.

So I wouldn't worry about future repairs. People like Rob Anthony, Chris Hibler, John Wart Jr., Clive, etc. will adapt to the new boards as more games go out.

Of course you could buy EM's. Outside of the plastic score reels, you can pretty much fix everything in them with a spot welder.

LTG : )

Don't take this personally, but there is another way to look at it. In fact almost every 'new' game is using 'new' technology.

The new technology is far more reliable - also 'old' boards have old components (like capacitors which eventually expend themselves ... as well as other components ... costing alot of time and labor and $ to figure each one out as it goes)

The new technology is often cheaper to replace a component than to repair it.

The new technology can be repaired - and in MMR we make the fault points surface mount to be able to more easily repair. Also surface mount can be repaired as well.

I don't think anyone would be in business trying to make surface mount boards for pinball machines - far too expensive - that is not what board houses make anymore.

Apply this to anything electronic in your home - not sure why pinball should be any different.

Reputable amusements companies often will say that as they of course want you to buy older games, which is generally what they sell (and repair)

Rick and Lloyd, thanks for the excellent and detailed replies. You've confirmed what I believed from the start.
The MMr you guys created is fantastic, I plan on collecting your future products as well.
Happy Holidays from a broken down aviator :)

So I have a question about plastics.  One of the first things I do with a pin when I get it is put on plastics protectors.  Has there been any thought of beefing up the plastics in nib pins including remakes?   This could theoretically be done using new, stronger types of plastic or just making them thicker.  I would think 1/16 of an inch thicker would dramatically improve the lifespan without much added cost or any significant fit problems. 


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