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BOP Side art


So I've seen several Nextgen sideart packages, and while they look nice, I can't say I'm a huge fan of the way the texture looks, and feels.

I'm looking at getting a set of BOP, and MM art is there a way to get that printed from PPS where it's smooth and has the semi gloss look like original?



No, the originals are screen printed, and have raised ink, just as the next gen do.

I'm not sure why it would matter, especially when this is how the originals are with screen printing directly on the cabinet.

I know the originals are screen printed, but the process of printing the Nextgen isn't even close to the look and feel of real silk screened art. NextGen art feels like a rough orange peel, almost like laminate Polycarbinate. Silk screen will have raise edges where the art stops, it will be smooth on solid colors, not rough like Next Gen art.

But if the answer to the question is that you won't print sideart in any other form other than Nextgen then I have my answer.


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