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Author Topic: MMR - Update 10/27/14  (Read 4806 times)

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MMR - Update 10/27/14
« on: October 28, 2014, 01:28:15 PM »
MMR Update Call - (Stern, CGC, PPS):
- Still waiting for UL - no major issues found, just seems like it goes until they are done. Apparently lots of testing with a 'new' pinball machine, so UL is testing. Continue short testing this week. Hopeful that testing ends this week. Frustrating, but I'm told there is no 'schedule' when doing UL testing.
- MMR is out on location as of last week - at Logan Arcade, in Chicago. Feedback 'amazed that you put such a nice MM in the place', 'only issue is the line to play the game', etc ...
- Finishing up all additional pre-production games that Stern is building to test the line.
Waiting ... Waiting ... Waiting ...for UL.

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