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CPU BOARD. The System 11C CPU Board (p/n 0-11883-576) must be equipped with the.ROMsspecified inthe
ROLlERGAMES(System 11C) ROM Summary. CPU Board jumpers W1, W2, W4, W5, W7, W11, W14, and
W16 must be connected.
AUDIO BOARD. The Audio Board is pIn 0-11581-576, including ROMs and microprocessor.
POWER SUPPLY BOARD. The Power Supply Board is pIn 0-12246.
AUX POWER DRIVER BOARD. The Aux Power Driver Board is D-12247-576.
MASTER INTERCONNECT BOARD. The Master Interconnect Board is 0-12313-576.
DISPLAY BOARD. The Alphanumeric Display Unit Board is pIn 0-12232-1.
WILLIAMS ELECTRONICS GAM ES uses a special technique to identify connectors and other game components.
Each plug or jack receives a prefix number (which identifies the circuit board), a letter, and a number. J-
designations refer to the male part of a connector. P-designations refer to the female part of a connector. For
example, 1J1 designates jack 1 of board 1 (a CPU Board jack); 3P6designates plug sotboarca (a Power Supply
Board plug). Identifying the specific pin number of a connector involves a hyphen, which separates the pin number
from the plug or jack designation. For example, 1J1-3 refers to pin 3 of jack 1 on board 1.
Other game components may also have similar prefixes preceding their designator to clarify their locations or
related circuit.
Prefix numbers for the System 11C circuit boards and other major assemblies are listed below. A prefix number
may precede a component deslqnator to identify its associated unit (e.g., Backbox fuse 6F1).
6 -
Master Interconnect
7 -
Backbox Power Supply
8 - Playfield
Alphanumeric Display
9 -
Insert Board
Aux Power Driver
10 - Audio
System 11C Circuit Boards for
are in the backbox. They are accessible by unlocking the
Backbox lock, removing the Backbox glass, unlatching the Insert Board, and swinging it open.
The Master Display Board is mounted on the interior side of the Speaker/Display Panel, below the Backbox glass
in the Backbox. To access the Master Display Board, unlock the Backbox, remove the Backbox glass, lift the
Speaker/Display Panel, and lay it on the game cabinet.
Lamp circuit boards are mounted on the Playfield and on the Speaker/Display Panel.
Figure 1 shows the locations of these circuit boards, as well as other devices especially located to make
ROlLERG.AMES a great game.