PPS MMR Customer Technical Support – Lloyd Olson on the team!



Planetary Pinball Supply with Chicago Gaming is happy to announce that Lloyd Olson will be on board with us to provide installation and technical support for the Medieval Madness Remake (MMR)!

LTGLloyd is a fixture in the pinball community and on most pinball forums, as well as provides game technical support as well as parts support for a number of other pinball companies. We are fortunate to have his knowledge and expertise available to us to help insure that our customer setup and installation, configuration and settings, and any technical customer needs are addressed quickly and correctly. Lloyd complements the rest of the support resources which PPS is putting in place now (help ticket system, phone access, factory technical support, etc) in advance of the MMR release expected in Q2 2014.

Lloyd will have a MMR at his headquarters as well as various assemblies as needed to insure that he can complement the rest of the MMR support team and of course is very familiar with the original Medieval Madness game which the MMR shares many elements.

Of course Lloyd continues to support what he supports today as his continued experience with all game platforms, parts, and interactions within forums only enhances and helps the pinball community overall.

Welcome Lloyd!