Saturn™ Flipper Ring - BLACK 1.5 Inch x .5 Inch #2 Hardness (Medium)

Saturn™ Flipper Ring - BLACK 1.5 Inch x .5 Inch #2 Hardness (Medium)
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SATURN™  Pinball RINGS - the next generation of pinball rings!

Black Flipper Ring 1.5 Inch x .5 Inch #2 HARDNESS (MEDIUM) - repl: WMS/BLY 23-6519-X / 23-6695-X, STERN/DE 545-5277-XX, CC/STERN 7A-121-X

Saturn™ Pinball Rings the next generation of pinball rings!

  • Custom Synthetic Rubber (Urethane) - replaces original 'gum rubber'

  • Longer Lasting - wear resistant, does not degrade to ozone

  • 3 Different Harnesses - #1 (Soft - similar to the 'old' red), #3 (Hard - similar to the 'old' black), and #2 (medium - which is in-between the 'old' red and black) - BUT remember in most cases all of the Colors can be in any of the hardnesses ... so if you like black rubbers but you don't like the 'hard' black rubbers, then get BLACK #1 which will be a softer black than is available in the market!

    • #1 - similar hardness/properties to the 'old' red/yellow/white rubbers - softer, more grip, decent bounce, easier to stretch over flippers, more prone to wear (but far more resistant to wear than the traditional gum rubber pinball rings!)

    • #2 - something in-between #1 and #3 that we've called #2! It has really good bounce, medium hardness, longer lasting - probably a more useful 'hard' rubber than the original high hardness black.

    • #3 - similar hardness/properties to the 'old' black rubbers - harder, less grip, less bounce, harder to stretch over flippers, lasts the longest

  • Multiple Colors - choose from many different colors - match to the game color scheme!

  • Easy cleanup - easy to clean and does not flake

Endorsed by International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA), Pinball Hall of Fame (PHOF), Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP), and more!

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