Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. (JJP) announces that it has signed an Agreement with Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc, (PPS) a Williams Electronics Games, Inc (WEG) licensee to utilize pinball replacement parts within its new platform of pinball machines.

The first game, The Wizard of Oz will be using selected parts from PPS including certain Williams® and Bally® replacement parts and assemblies. This will allow JJP to build the best playing games using proven parts to produce the most reliable and durable games in the industry.

As part of the agreement, JJP will have full access to the roughly 40 pinball patents assigned to PPS.

"We are thrilled and elated that this could even be possible. It's an amazing step in building full feature games where the player is connected to the game action for the ultimate fun experience" stated Jack Guarnieri, president of JJP.

JJP will also be utilizing PPS capabilities for parts manufacture, artwork production, and other elements supporting game design and production. As part of the agreement, PPS will be distributing JJP parts through its worldwide distributor network. JJP gets a head start in using many parts that are already available in the marketplace.

The buyers of the JJP games get the advantage of readily available familiar parts used in the games as well. "We are excited to help bring the proven replacement parts capability into the JJP platform, and look forward to world class games using world class parts" Stated PPS President Rick Bartlett. 

This Agreement brings the best loved elements of Pinball together with this new platform which help move the pinball market forward. PPS and JJP shared goal is to build games that enhance player experience, fill the requests of the current player base and build new generations of players.

BALLY is a trademark of Caesars License Company, LLC.
WILLIAMS is a trademark of Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

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Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc

SAN JOSE, California (Oct 13, 2010) - Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc (PPS, is pleased to announce that it has completed
an agreement with Mr. Pinball Australia (The Pinball Factory) to assign and transfer it's Williams Electronics Games, Inc. Licenses, as well as to acquire its pinball spare parts manufacturing and distribution business.

Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc (PPS) is a new company with headquarters in San Jose, California dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of Williams®
and Bally® replacement pinball parts as well as to explore options for manufacturing new or re-issued games under the Bally Trademark. PPS will continue to operate to showcase its products and will continue to provide Williams/Bally product support and technical information. In addition PPS will continue with the forum and other information and activities to promote more interest in pinball at

PPS will leverage and expand the pinball parts development, manufacturing and distribution network setup by Mr. Pinball Australia. To this end, PPS will serve all existing Mr. Pinball Australia customers.

"We are excited about the opportunity to utilize the Williams Electronics Games, Inc. intellectual property license which will help further accelerate new parts into the market." said Rick Bartlett, President of PPS, who with partner Matt Christiano will manage the new company.

Mr. Pinball Australia will continue to operate as a Pinball Game retailer, repair, and local spare parts business and becomes a distributor for PPS. For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on our site at or contact:

Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc
Rick Bartlett
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