PPS (incl CGC Remake Games) Reseller List - updated Mar 6, 2019

This is the current list of authorized resellers of PPS Parts, Merchandise, and Remake Games (CGC). These resellers are authorized to resell PPS parts, merchandise, and/or games (Chicago Gaming Remakes) which are authorized and produced by Planetary Pinball or it's authorized supplier partners (click HERE).

Note that Game resellers also can purchase parts for resale to their customers as part of our dealer program, so for example remake parts (ex: Medieval Madness Remake) are available to game resellers at a discount.

If you have any questions about a reseller and whether they are authorized or not, or perhaps believe them to be selling auauthorized items, then please email rick@planetarypinball.com and we will look into and help clarify.

Reseller Location Parts Mdse Games/Parts Dealer
Planetary Pinball Retail, Inc US (NV) X X X
Ministry Of Pinball Netherlands X X X
Mr. Pinball Australia Australia X X X
Little Shop Of Games US (FL) X X
Best of Pinball Germany X
High Class Pinballs Germany X
Parts 4 Pinballs Norway X
Pinball Heaven Ltd United Kingdom X X
Nitro Amusements Canada (BC) X X
Automated Services US (CT) X
Game Exchange US (CO) X
PinballSTAR Amusements US (PA) X
Pinball Bazaar United Kingdom X X
Pinball Parts Germany X
Mountain Entertainment US (VA) X
FUN! Gameroom Supply US (TX) X
The Pinball Company US (MO) X
Arcades At Home US (IL) X
Great American Pinball US (IL) X
Pinball Pro / GLM Enterprises US (NE) X
Don's Custom Service US (CA) X
Flip N' Out Pinball US (KY) X
Game Room Guys US (MI) X
Starburst Coin / Cineplex Canada (ON) X
The Pin Witch Germany X
Pinball Decals, Inc US (GA) X
Freddys Pinball Paradise Germany X X X
Free Play Sweden X
Billiards N More US (NV) X
Cointaker US (PA) X X X
Hemisphere Amusements US (IL) X X X
Planet Jeux / Bernard Loose France X
Starcade Amusements US (NV) X X X