Medieval Madness 3D Translite w/Diffuser

Medieval Madness 3D Translite w/Diffuser
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  Include New Trim Set (4 Pieces) $11
3D Translite for Medieval Madness (also Medieval Madness Remake) - includes diffuser - these are high quality lenticular 3D translites for your game or to hang on the wall. Many layers of depth and artwork modified to show 3D features, which are setup specifically to look best from a players perspective in the game.

TRIM OPTION: Option for TRIM Set includes Top/2 Sides/Bottom (03-9420,03-9421-1,03-9421-2(2)) for additional $11 and no additional shipping. Note that the trim is the same for original Medieval Madness as well as MMR. This is just an offer for a new set to include without any additional shipping.


SHIPPING OPTION: PLEASE READ! - You may order up to 3 translites to bundle shipping - which must be in separate orders, and ONLY the translite in each order.
- You need to order them on the same day
- For the first (and can be only) order - pick the correct shipping USPS, Fedex, etc
- For the second and/or third order - you can use the ONLY 3D TRANSLITE ADD-ON SHIPPING option

3D translites are shipped flat in specially designed packaging. If you order multiple (up to 3) you can choose to "Combine Shipping" which will not charge additional shipping - BUT THE ITEMS in SEPARATE ORDERS and the 2nd or 3nd MUST USE the 3D TRANSLITE shipping option.