Gottlieb System 80 Power Supply (repl B-19694)

Gottlieb System 80 Power Supply (repl B-19694)
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    Gottlieb System 80 Power Supply (repl B-19694) - plug in replacement for the original supply - high efficiency +5V section reduces heat, all new components - fits: Alien Star, Amazon Hunt, Black Hole, Caveman, Circus, Couterforce, Devils Dare, El Dorado, Force II, The Games, Goin Nuts, Haunted House, Ice Fever, Jacks to Open, James Bond, Kruss, Mars God of War, Panthera, Pink Panther, Punk, Q*Berts Quest, Rack Em Up, Ready Aim Fire, Royal Flush Deluxe, Rocky, Spiderman, Spirit, Star Race, Striker, Super Orbit, Timeline, Touchdown, Volcano

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