Washers (Metal, Plastic)

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Flat Nylon Washer .171 x .37 MBR-CE
Code: PPS-017-037B012
Price: $8.95 $7.50
In Stock
Flat Nylon Washer .125 ID .375 MBR-LE, MBR-SE
Code: PPS-012-037N007
Price: $0.20
In Stock
Flat Nylon Washer .171x.37 (MB Remake)
Code: PPS-017-037N012
Price: $0.20
In Stock
Flat Nylon Washer .505 ID MBR-LE
Code: PPS-050-075B006
Price: $0.20
In Stock
Flat Washer FW10-032 M01 3/8 OD (MB Remake)
Code: PPS-019-037N003
Price: $0.20
In Stock
Arm Washer 01-14956.1 (MB, MB Remake)
Code: PPS-01-149561
Price: $3.50 $2.95
In Stock
Clear Lexan 1 inch Fender Washers (pair)
Code: MX-1L
Price: $1.50
Protect key playfield plastics from breaking from ball contact (like slinkshot plastics). Won't interfere with light thru existing plastic, and comes in different sizes.
Washer for Tubular Rivet 1/8 Inch x 5/16 Inch (Bag Of 20)
Code: TN-W18
Price: $3.00
Washer for Tubular Rivet - for backing on rivet - used with Tubular Rivets and Rivet Tools 1/8 Inch x 5/16 Inch washer
Flat Narrow Washer 3/8 Inch - Leg Bolt/Leg (Bag of 16)
Code: SC-AN38
Price: $1.95
Out of Stock
Flat Washer .390x.625x.059  4700-00051-00
Code: SC-4700-00051-00
Price: $0.60
Out of Stock