Target Parts

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Goalie Plastic 03-9134.1 World Cup Soccer
Code: PPS-03-91341
Price: $12.00
In Stock
Deep Rectangle Target Tranlucent Red 03-9296-9
Code: PPS-03-9296-9
Price: $3.60
In Stock
Deep Rectangle Target Opaque Red 03-9296-4
Code: PPS-03-9296-4
Price: $3.60 $3.40
In Stock
Orange Trans Target 1x1.5 Rect 3-D 03-9296-12
Code: PPS-03-9296-12
Price: $3.60 $3.40
In Stock
Deep Oblong Target Plastic Trans Green 03-8563-11
Code: PPS-03-8563-11
Price: $2.40 $2.25
In Stock
Deep Square Target Plastic Green 03-8304-21
Code: PPS-03-8304-21
Price: $3.00 $2.00
In Stock
Target Flat Oblong - Black 03-8225-7
Code: PPS-03-8225-7
Price: $2.40 $2.25
In Stock
Black Target Piece STTNG Target 03-8939
Code: TG-03-8939
Price: $6.00
In Stock
Target Guide 03-8026 5 Bank Target Frame
Code: PPS-03-8026
Price: $22.80

Target Retractor Spring (Williams 10-362)
Code: SP-10-362
Price: $1.02
Target Retractor Spring (Williams 10-362)
Plastic Hole Switch Arm - used with MX15707
Code: MX-15708
Price: $1.50
Plastic Hole Switch Arm (Gottlieb A-15708)
Opto Interrupter - Spinner 03-8280 (Police Force Spinner, etc)
Code: MX-03-8280
Price: $5.40
Black Plastic Opto Interruper 03-8280 as used on Police for Ball Entry Spinner, and other games