Shooter Hardware (Knobs, etc)

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Data East Ball Launch Housing 500-5815-00 / 545-5285-03
Code: PPS-500-5815-00
Price: $29.95
In Stock
Shooter Rod Mounting Plate 01-3535
Code: PPS-01-3535
Price: $3.50
In Stock
Shooter Lane Switch Assembly A-17791 (No Diode)
Code: PPS-A-17791ND
Price: $11.50
In Stock
Shooter Rod Sleeve
Code: SH-7357
Price: $0.75
Shooter Rod Sleeve for Housing 21-6645 - WMS 03-7357
Inside Shooter Spring 10-148-2 Red (Highest Tension)
Code: SP-10-148-2
Price: $0.95
Inside Shooter Spring (Williams 10-148-2) - New
Gottlieb Shooter Assembly Housing (A8831)   w/B-8834 Housing (Sleeve)
Code: SH-8831
Price: $14.99
Gottlieb Shooter Assembly Housing (A8831)
Ball Shooter Assembly - Black Bezel, Black Knob
Code: SH-1
Price: $24.00
Out of Stock
Ball Shooter Rod - Metal Pointed Knob
Code: SH-2
Price: $7.75
Out of Stock
Shooter Rod 'E' Clip
Code: SH-3
Price: $0.50
E-Clip for End of Shooter Rod
Ball Shooter Assembly - Silver Round Knob,  Silver Bezel A-20084
Code: SH-20084
Price: $26.00
Out of Stock