Protectors - Hole, Metal

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Cactus Canyon Outhole Protector
Code: RP-CC
Price: $12.00
Cactus Canyon Outhole Protector - this L Shaped protector covers the two sides of the outhole that take the major wear. Will reduce wear considerably
Tales Of The Arabian Nights Protectors (2 pc)
Price: $17.00
Tales Of the Arabian Nights Hole Protectors - metal hole and outhole protectors keep the wear to a miminum
Monster Bash Outhole Protector
Code: RP-MB2
Price: $20.00
Monster Bash Outhole Protectors protects wear caused by ball in outhole
Safe Cracker Outhole Protector
Code: RP-SC
Price: $10.00
Safe Cracker Outhole Metal Protector - protects playfield wear from ball action in outhole
Star Trek: The Next Generation Neutral Zone Protector
Price: $10.00
Star Trek: The Next Generation Neutral Zone outhole protector
Monopoly Outhole Protector
Code: RP-MP
Price: $12.00
Monopoly Outhole Protector - metal insert to outhole to protect common ball wear on all Monopoly Pinball machines
Junkyard Sewer Hole Protector
Code: RP-JY
Price: $12.00
Junkyard Sewer Hole Metal Protector with screws
Bram Stokers Dracula Rats Hole Protector  CLIFFY'S
Code: RP-BSD
Price: $26.00
In Stock
Whirlwind Hyperthin Hole Protectors (2 pc) CLIFFY'S
Code: RP-WH3
Price: $42.00
In Stock