Rubber Posts

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Tapered Rubber Bumper/Cone White 23-6579-1
Code: RB-48
Price: $1.50
Tapered Rubber Bumper/Cone Black
Tapered Rubber Bumper/Cone Yellow 23-6579
Code: RB-23-6579
Price: $1.00
Tapered Rubber Bumper/Cone Yellow
Rubber Bumper Yellow
Code: RB-23-6551
Price: $2.20
Rubber Bumper Yellow
7/8 inch Post Sleeve Yellow
Code: RB-23-6552
Price: $0.80
7/8 Post Sleeve Yellow
Post Sleeve White
Code: RB-53
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock
1 1/16 Tall Post Sleeve
Code: RB-23-6556
Price: $0.90
1 1/16 Tall Post Sleeve
Short Post Sleve (Data East) - Spongy Rubber
Code: RB-56
Price: $0.75
Short Post Sleeve (Data East)
Short Rubber Post
Code: RB-57
Price: $1.50
Short Rubber Post
Tapered Rubber Bumper/Cone Black 23-6632
Code: RB-70
Price: $1.50
3/4 Tapered Bumper - Black
Short Post Sleeve (STERN) - Medium Plastic 545-5151-00
Code: RB-96
Price: $2.50
Short Post Sleeve (STERN) - 545-5151-00 Plastic - NOTE that these sleeves are amost a plastic, versus a rubber as in RB-56 Data East - these are for newer STERN pinball, and are harder