Opto Switches & Related

Theatre Of Magic Opto Interrupter
Code: GS-TOM03-9318A
Price: $33.00
Out of Stock
Sensor opto switch with wire leads 160-0010-00
Code: OP-160-0010-00
Price: $19.99
In Stock
Metal Trunk Opto Interrupter 03-9318 (TOM)
Code: PPS-03-9318-MET
Price: $39.00
In Stock
Code: PPS-03-9001-1
Price: $2.99
In Stock
Opto Bracket 01-14650.1 Medieval Madness, Medieval Madness Remake
Code: PPS-01-146501
Price: $6.95
In Stock
Flipper Opto Board A-20207.1
Code: PPS-A-202071
Price: $24.95
In Stock
Flipper Opto Assy A-17316
Code: PPS-A-17316
Price: $29.95
Out of Stock
Opto Photo Trans Assy (Recever) A-16909 - Black - Tested
Code: PPS-A-16909
Price: $6.00
Out of Stock
Opto LED Assy (Transmitter) A-16908 - White - Tested
Code: PPS-A-16908
Price: $6.00
In Stock
Photo Trans Assy (Receiver) A-14232 - Tested
Code: PPS-A-14232
Price: $4.50
In Stock