Misc Cabinet Parts

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Lower Speaker Panel Bracket WPC Games 01-8569
Code: PPS-01-8569
Price: $15.60
In Stock
Lockdown Lever Handle Cover MS00182
Code: PPS-MS00182
Price: $3.59
In Stock
Tilt Mech Pendulum 04-10346-B
Code: PPS-04-10346-B
Price: $3.60 $3.25
In Stock
Backglass Lock Plate 01-9519
Code: PPS-01-9519
Price: $3.00 $2.75
In Stock
Shooter Rod Mounting Plate 01-3535
Code: PPS-01-3535
Price: $4.20 $3.75
In Stock
Black Dome Plug 1/4 AFMR-CE,AFMR-SE
Price: $0.60 $0.50
In Stock
Black Dome Plug 1-1/2 AFMR-CE,AFMR-SE
Price: $1.80 $1.50
In Stock
Toggle Catch 20-9347C (Remakes)
Code: PPS-20-9347C
Price: $2.10 $1.75
In Stock
Toggle Backbox Latch Various including Remakes
Code: PPS-20-9347
Price: $8.40 $6.99
In Stock
Shaker Motor Cover 545-5241-00 Remakes
Code: PPS-545-524100
Price: $21.60 $17.95
In Stock
Cactus Canyon OEM Collector Plate (See Nnte) Unfinished
Code: PPS-21-6721
Price: $70.00
In Stock
Leg Mounting Bracket (Williams 01-11400-1) - SET OF 4 Brackets
Code: PL-114001-4
Price: $36.00
Set Of 4 - Leg mounting mounting bracket for inside of pinball corner - has threaded inserts for Leg Bolts - heavy duty and drilled for installation