Flipper Bats

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Data East Logo flipper bat YELLOW 515-5133-02
Code: PPS-515-5133-02
Price: $5.50
In Stock
Data East Logo flipper bat White 515-5133-01
Code: PPS-515-5133-01
Price: $5.50
In Stock
Boney Flippers 20-10343 Shiny Gold! (pair)
Code: PPS-20-10343-GLDX2
Price: $35.00
In Stock
Flipper Bats W Logo 20-10110 Shiny Silver! (set/2)
Code: PPS-20-10110-SILX2
Price: $10.95
In Stock
Bally/Williams 3 inch Moulded Flipper Bat/Cap and Shaft YELLOW (No Logo)
Code: FB-3BY
Price: $3.50
Bally/Williams 3 Moulded Flipper Bat/Cap and Shaft YELLOW. 58mm shaft length, used until 1989. Does not have Logo on top of flipper bat, can be used for many brand games.
Williams White Flipper Bat - Earlier Games 20-9264/03-7253 W Logo - 2 Holes for mount
Code: FB-20-9264
Price: $3.25
Williams White Flipper Bat for earlier Williams games. Has W Logo, and mounting holes on bottom for earlier flipper rod 20-9264
Flipper Shoe and Shaft - Thick A15531 Gottlieb
Code: FP-A15531
Price: $7.00
In Stock
Flipper Bat - Alvin G - Blue
Price: $9.00
In Stock
Yellow Flipper Small 515-7191-06 (Monopoly, etc)
Code: FB-515-7191-06
Price: $5.00
In Stock
Alvin G Flipper & Shaft (3/8 Inch Shaft) AFT-004
Code: FB-AFT-004
Price: $6.00
In Stock
Flipper Bat/Shaft 20-9250-6 Yellow
Code: PPS-20-9250-6
Price: $4.50
In Stock
Flipper Bat/Shaft 20-9250-5 White
Code: PPS-20-9250-5
Price: $4.50
In Stock