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Service Bulletin: SB 93

DATE: December 20, 1996

GAME: Scared Stiff

SUBJECT: Solving mechanism problems.

It has come to our attention that some customers are experiencing problems with a few of the mechanisms on Scared Stiff, most are solved as follows;


1) The door opening shaft assy. part# 04-10419 was changed to #04-10419.1 to correct loosening of the door opening pin. Games manufactured after (approximately) 10/20/96 have this new part, which is a direct replacement so no modification is necessary to update earlier games.

2) Some games experience trouble clearing balls from the coffin, adjust as follows:

  • Be sure you are using game ROM 1.3 or later, this software rev. has enhanced ball search and coffin trough logic that will solve most eject misfires.
  • Check to see that the body plate part# 04-10420 pivots freely.
  • If the game clears multiple balls but has trouble with the last ball, the eject plunger and coil need to be aligned with the tube leading upwards in to the coffin, most often this is solved by adding a thin washer between the top coil mounting bracket part# 01-9794 and the popper assy. weldment part# 04-10349, alternately the washer can be added to the lower coil mounting bracket to move the plunger the other direction if necessary.


It may be noticed that the right popper assy. part# A20716 has trouble shooting balls up through the trap door and into the bony beast ramp, this happens during multiball when 2 or more balls enter the popper.

  • The trap door is designed so the blue steel flap that is riveted to the ramp acts as a spring to slow the ball as it raises the pivoting trap door flap part# 04-10457.1, you can slightly bend the mounting bracket part# 01-14385.1 forward or backwards to adjust the tension.
  • It may also be necessary to align the popper part# A-20716 as follows; raise the playfield and slightly bend the popper downward, this helps to use the inside wall to guide the ball upwards.
  • Make sure all ramp and bracket mounting screws are secure. After the above adjustment the popper will clear 4 balls consistently.


Some customers have had the spider wheel assy. part# A-21023 become loose repeatedly, this is usually caused by the operator or tech overtightening the set screw causing the brass insert to back out. Games after approximately #700 had an improved insert, but it will still back out with too much force.

When replacing the spider wheel use Loc-tight #425 sparingly on the motor shaft and on the set screw , then tighten set screw until snug. Select Wheel Test from the test menu to insure the wheel is attached properly. It is also important to ensure the legs of the spider are adjusted so that they do not rub or drag against the insert panel or backglass. This is very important because the rubbing may cause the wheel to loosen or become slow, causing the software to assume the wheel is loose and stop spinning. It should be noted that if the spider wheel becomes loose, the software is designed to detect the malfunction and respond by spinning the lamps instead of the spider, allowing the player to choose the backbox item. The game will play near normal until the next collection or cleaning, eliminating the need for an immediate service call.


Some of the frog assemblies (part# 04-10510) are missing the loc-tight on the threads of the rod. This causes the frog to unwind itself from the rod, simply reattach the frog using loc-tight #425. If the 3/8 plastic spacer that sits on the rod under the frog has disappeared, you can find a replacement under the slingshot plastics, you will need to replace the spacer removed from the slingshot with washers or something of the same height so the slingshot leaf switches will not touch the plastic covers.

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