Scared Stiff

So fun, So scary ... So Elvira!


Scared Stiff will get you just that. This is a game that fully captures those lovable B-grade late-night horror movies, hosted by the girl with the biggest ... hair: Elvira - Mistress Of The Dark.

Players will need to live through the Six Tales Of Terror for a chance to turn on the Stiff-o-meter and really get Scared Stiff. See the Eyes Of The Bony Beast, Terror From The Crate, the Stiff In The Coffin, the Monster's Lab, Night Of The Leapers, and the Return Of The Deadheads; every Tale will get you scared .. Scared Stiff. But that's not all. The 3D interactive backbox, containing the biggest and hairiest spider ever included in a pinball machine, will send shivers along the spines of experts and novices alike.

Turn out the lights ... It's time to get Scared Stiff!

It's a fly!

Industry First! 3D Interactive backbox, featuring a player controlled spinning spider - Used to collect special features and start unique modes.

Click on playfield to Explore the Playfield.

Scared Stiff uses the DCS Sound System

Team Stiff

Design: Dennis Nordman, Mark Weyna
Artwork/Design: Greg Freres
Software/Design: Mike Boon, Cameron Silver
Mechanical Engineering: Win Schilling, Bob Brown, Joe Loveday
Sound and Music: Paul Heitsch, Dr. Dave Zabriskie
Dot Matrix Animation: Adam Rhine, Brian Morris

See pictures and sketches from the making of Scared Stiff

Game Flyer

Flyer front Flyer back

Technical Support

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Bonus Sounds

"Ooooh, do it again!"
32 Khz .wav [98k] .aiff [98k]
8 Khz .wav [26k] .aiff [26k]
Real Audio
"How about another ball?"
32 Khz .wav [87k] .aiff [87k]
8 Khz .wav [23k] .aiff [23k]
Real Audio
"I-I-I-I-I-I'm warning you!"
32 Khz .wav [121k] .aiff [121k]
8 Khz .wav [31k] .aiff [31k]
Real Audio
"Oh, no!"
32 Khz .wav [99k] .aiff [99k]
8 Khz .wav [26k] .aiff [26k]
Real Audio
"Now look what you've done!"
32 Khz .wav [92k] .aiff [92k]
8 Khz .wav [24k] .aiff [24k]
Real Audio
"You just don't listen, do you?"
32 Khz .wav [77k] .aiff [77k]
8 Khz .wav [20k] .aiff [20k]
Real Audio
"Wake me up when you're done!"
32 Khz .wav [104k] .aiff [104k]
8 Khz .wav [27k] .aiff [27k]
Real Audio
"Oooooooh, Jackpot!"
32 Khz .wav [121k] .aiff [121k]
8 Khz .wav [31k] .aiff [31k]
Real Audio
"Let's see how Scared Stiff you can get!"
32 Khz .wav [174k] .aiff [174k]
8 Khz .wav [45k] .aiff [45k]
Real Audio
"It's time to get Scared Stiff!"
32 Khz .wav [222k] .aiff [222k]
8 Khz .wav [57k] .aiff [57k]
Real Audio
"Boogie Men: You da maaaaaan!"
32 Khz .wav [59k] .aiff [59k]
8 Khz .wav [15k] .aiff [15k]
Real Audio


Height: 76"193 cm
Height (backbox folded): 56"142 cm
Width: 29"74 cm
Depth: 55"140 cm
Weight (crated): 270 lbs122 kg
Weight (uncrated): 250 lbs113 kg

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