Artwork Samples

back glass

This drawing shows the initial idea for the Scared Stiff backglass. You will notice that the spinning spider is no-where to be seen as it had not been thought of at the time. Had the game not included this back-box toy, the backglass might have possibly looked much like this.

Notice the absence of the title 'Scared Stiff' - The game was not named at the time this sketch was done.

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pencil sketch

This pencil sketch shows the original concept drawing for the spinning spider. In fact, this sketch was used to present the spider toy to management. You will notice quite a few similarities to the finished product, but also a lot of differences.

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side art

Here is an initial sketch for backbox side art.

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front door

This is an initial sketch for the front of the cabinet. The large white cut-out in the center is for the coin-door.

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a flipper

Scared Stiff contains an unusual amount of custom molded plastic pieces. See the original clay models for a flipper, sling shot cover, and flasher dome.

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