Safe Cracker

Introducing Token-Pintm

A Brand New Coin-Op Product Designed for Today's Market.

Only Bally could combine two of the most successful game types. Pinball and board games, or "trail" games, have been combined to create one incredible new vision - Token-Pin. The board game adds a whole new dimension to game play, making Token-Pin the most player-interactive coin-op to date. Token-Pin is time based, adding yet another dimension to game play.

Players advance to the board game after successfully completing some skillful playfield shots. A player who completes the board game has the potential to advance to the middle and win big with one or more valuable tokens as the reward.

back glass A New Game
The goal is to advance to the board game for a chance to break into the safe while avoiding obstacles along the way. Players spin and stop the safe dial to determine how many spaces to advance. The player can collect winnings and resume playing pinball after each dial spin, or spin again and risk losing it all. Players must risk it all for a chance to break into the bank vault and win the token award.

A New Vision
Created by the talented design team of collections king Addams FamilyTM, Safe CrackerTM appeals to a wide audience of players. The playfield is simplified and shortened for faster-paced play. Player skill is required in order to lock a ball on the playfield and advance to the board game where players have an opportunity to walk away with real collectible tokens.

Timed Play

Token Launcher

Winning Token

Click on playfield to Explore the Playfield.

Creative Team

Designed and built in the USA by:

Concept, Design & Playfields: Pat Lawlor
Software Design: Matt Coriale
Art: John Youssi
Mechanix By: Krutsch & Biagi
F/X: Dean Grover & Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
Dots By: Adam Rhine & Brian Morris
Sound and Music: Dan Forden
Production By: The Entire Williams Electronics Games

Game Flyer

Flyer front Flyer back

Technical Support

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Bonus Sounds

"Candy: Computer-Aided Neutralization
and Discovery"
32 Khz .wav [244k] .aiff [244k]
8 Khz .wav [63k] .aiff [63k]
Real Audio
"I am the Candy 2000 Security System"
32 Khz .wav [220k] .aiff [220k]
8 Khz .wav [56k] .aiff [56k]
Real Audio
32 Khz .wav [188k] .aiff [188k]
8 Khz .wav [48k] .aiff [48k]
Real Audio
"Any mistake will result..."
32 Khz .wav [179k] .aiff [179k]
8 Khz .wav [46k] .aiff [46k]
Real Audio
"Have a nice day"
32 Khz .wav [73k] .aiff [73k]
8 Khz .wav [18k] .aiff [18k]
Real Audio
"I'm not happy with you now."
32 Khz .wav [120k] .aiff [120k]
8 Khz .wav [31k] .aiff [31k]
Real Audio
32 Khz .wav [34k] .aiff [34k]
8 Khz .wav [9k] .aiff [9k]
Real Audio
"I've got something special waiting for you."
32 Khz .wav [165k] .aiff [165k]
8 Khz .wav [42k] .aiff [42k]
Real Audio
"Vault penetration is imminent."
32 Khz .wav [162k] .aiff [162k]
8 Khz .wav [42k] .aiff [42k]
Real Audio


Height (w/o sign): 77"196 cm
Height (with sign): 83"211 cm
Height (backbox folded): 57"145 cm
Width: 20"51 cm
Width (doors open): 26"99 cm
Depth: 45"114 cm
Weight (crated): 290 lbs132 kg
Weight (uncrated): 270 lbs123 kg

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