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Alien Abduction
Uncle Sam wants you to stop the aliens from plundering the White House! Only you can stop the aliens' tractor beams from snatching up our cars and cows! Use the action buttons to change the items being taken. Heavier items are abducted slower (giving you more time to rescue them) but are not worth as high a score as the smaller (faster) items. Shoot the ramps and loops to destroy the smaller saucers first, then one final shot up the center ramp is all it takes to send those clepto-martians into oblivion! Destroying all eight saucers will award a saucer light.

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Alien Abduction

Paris in Peril

Mars Kneads Women

Martian Happy Hour

Secret Weapon

Tower Struggle


Drive in Demolition


Bonus Wave Multiball

Capture Multiball

Martian Multiball

Mothership Multiball

Attack Mars

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