Cactus Canyon brings the old west to life, and is sure to be a hit with cowboys and cowgirls of all ages. Players dive into the character of a new Sheriff of Cactus Canyon, doing their best to survive the many confrontations with the gun totin' bad guys, while still finding time to save the damsel in distress.

Put your gunslinging skills to the test as you have a showdown with the Bart Brothers. Prove your heroism by rescuing Polly Peril from certain death. Seek your fortune in the Gold Mine. Help the citizens herd in a Stampede.
The Three-Dimensional Bart Brother figure moves and taunts players, making it all the more satisfying to nail him and send his hat flying!.

Poor miss Polly is tied to the tracks and the moving train is headed right for her! Players have to stop the train before it reaches the end of the track, or Polly meets a terrible fate!

Bad Guy drop targets pop up, right in the middle of the playfield, to challenge players to a gun fight.
Current pinball goes out with a bang! Cactus Canyon is the last WPC system pinball that Williams/Bally will produce. All new games from here on out will be the Pinball 2000 format.

Cactus Canyon uses the DCS Sound System for room filling sound.

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