Attack from Mars

Mayhem, Madness And Destruction Were Never So Much Fun!

back glass

Attack from Mars is fun and entertaining to play, with its open playfield and easy to understand rules. It's a straight forward game that's fun for players of all skill levels.

Unique game rules allow multiple features to light simultaneously and in any order. Novice players are able to reach all the exciting game features, while expert players can attempt to Rule the Universe. Everyone will find the five different multi-ball sequences, ranging from 2 to 4 balls, thrilling to play. And the accessible playfield allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Attack is on...get it or get left behind.

Growl Bitmap Center Target Click on image for bitmap animation or click for JavaGrowl!

Industry First! Hit three-bank to disable Forcefield. Center shot destroys spaceship and Saves the Country. Strobe Light ignites playfield with excitement.

Click on playfield to Explore the Playfield.

Attack from Mars uses the DCS Sound System

Creative Team

Design: Brian Eddy
Software: Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
Artwork: Doug Watson
Mechanical Engineering: Robert C. Friesl
Sound and Music: Dan Forden

Game Flyer

Flyer front Flyer back

Technical Support

Click above to view technical support information for Attack from Mars.

Bonus Sounds

"I enjoy killing these martians"
32 Khz .wav [141k] .aiff [71k]
8 Khz .wav [36k] .aiff [18k]
Real Audio
"Come here tasty human"
32 Khz .wav [143k] .aiff [143k]
8 Khz .wav [36k] .aiff [36k]
Real Audio
"Blast those martians..."
32 Khz .wav [181k] .aiff [181k]
8 Khz .wav [46k] .aiff [46k]
Real Audio
"Look-out martians..."
32 Khz .wav [192k] .aiff [192k]
8 Khz .wav [49k] .aiff [49k]
Real Audio
"Rarrr... Women"
32 Khz .wav [168k] .aiff [168k]
8 Khz .wav [43k] .aiff [43k]
Real Audio
"I hate martians"
32 Khz .wav [139k] .aiff [139k]
8 Khz .wav [36k] .aiff [36k]
Real Audio
"Take that muffin head"
32 Khz .wav [109k] .aiff [110k]
8 Khz .wav [28k] .aiff [28k]
Real Audio
"You some ugly martians"
32 Khz .wav [121k] .aiff [122k]
8 Khz .wav [31k] .aiff [31k]
Real Audio
"You're the best"
32 Khz .wav [80k] .aiff [80k]
8 Khz .wav [20k] .aiff [20k]
Real Audio


Height: 76"193 cm
Height (backbox folded): 56"142 cm
Width: 29"74 cm
Depth: 55"140 cm
Weight (crated): 270 lbs122 kg
Weight (uncrated): 250 lbs113 kg

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