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MMR Update – Plaque, Shaker Test, Config Screens

Medieval Madness Remake – Update 8/13/2014

(NOTE: you can click on any picture to make larger if there is a larger version)

This quick update is about some elements of the MMR which people have been asking about, so here are is a quick up  date on a few topics!

MMR Limited Edition Plaque:

The LE “Plaque” … all LE owners will have a special plaque indicating the # of the game (from 1 to 1000). Here is the artwork for the LE plaque – we won’t say where the plaque is, how big or small it is, just that LE owners will have them with their game.


This plaque will signify that you have a limited edition game and the game number is either pre-defined (for an additional fee) or assigned as the games are built.

Main LED Board “Shake Test”!

There has been some concern about the MMR “Main Board” under the playfield potentially failing due to the vibration and so we put it to the test! Strapped a Shaker Motor at HIGH speed fastened the light board (hooked up to a MMR controller) to a piece of wood …

After 250 hours, the board is completely fine, working no issues and the test was stopped. Somewhere in the middle, the only socketed chip got a little loose (which is now wire strapped on) but no board issues whatsoever! So imagine this running 250 hours as opposed to running games of MMR! We are pretty confident in this board. We did have a couple shaker motors burn seize up in the process as they are not meant to be run continuously for days on end.

MMR Utility Screens

MMR has some additional configuration screens, which are additional items which can be configured. Some items are due to the new electronics of the package, and some are to add some features that we felt were deserved:

Configuration Screen #1 – MMR Configuration


This screen has several functions:

#1) Display Color – you can set and save your display color to ANY color can can be configured as RGB settings! Create custom colors, whatever you like – the little square is the color that the display will be (as single color for initial release).

#2) Incandescent Emulation – LED’s are normally very fast on and off, which creates a different effect in a game. Traditional incandescent lights have actually a ramp-up of the light and a ramp-down which gives a ‘smoother’ effect. With this configuration option you can adjust to a few settings a range of how the LEDs will behave visually!

#3) Flipper Strength – You will be able to easily adjust the flipper strength (coils) with this setting.

#4) Popper Strength – You will be able to set popper strength as well independently of other settings.

#5) Catapult Strength – You will be able to set catapult strength independently as well.

Configuration Screen #2 – Shaker


This screen is for the Shaker Motor which did not exist on the original version of the game and is standard on the MMR LE and an add-in option for the MMR Std.

#1) You will be able to set the shaker motor strength (including off!) which will allow you to enjoy various levels of shaker motor effects, so you can turn them to the environment that you are in at the time.

#2) Shaker motor test- ability to test the shaker motor to insure all is in working order!

Configuration Screen #3 – Virtual DIP Switches (Country Setting)

In the original game on the myriad of boards in the backbox (which have been replaced by very little), there were some DIP switches which were used for country setting … well, given that these switches no longer exist, but the functionality that they provided does, we put them in a handy configuration screen. This also makes it a lot easier, as the only way to change these switches was to open up the backbox of the game and change them … No Longer on MMR.


The DIP switch settings will specify a particular country setting for the game. We will include the specifics in the MMR documentation.