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Radical! tabletop?

I’ve seen these tabletop machines around for decades. The Montgomery Ward, JC Penny and Sears catalogs had multiple pages dedicated to the childhood tie breaker machine. That’s what me and my buddies used mine for.

I don’t think that any of them past or present were designed from an actual machine. These designs clearly show that Bally was playing with the idea. Having grown up a skateboarder I recognize the legendary Powell Peralta Skateboards pro, Steve Caballero on the right side of this flyer.





DSC_8558-1  DSC_8559-1


DSC_8560-1  DSC_8561-1


It looks like Playtime Products did manufacture this same playfield layout with WWF, Batman, and countless other licenses. This Batman on the right and the rest in this blog are part of Gene Cunningham’s collection of tabletop machines that came with the Illinois Pinball Co. haul. The last 2 are fireworks.

vintage-official-wwf-1991-playtime-power-pinball-game-in-box-hulk-hogan-2c0d597a7903c276d8c85a924bfde17c  DSC_0868-1


DSC_0869-1  DSC_0870-1


DSC_0877-1  DSC_0871-1


DSC_0874-1  DSC_0872-1


DSC_0875-1  DSC_0882-1





Bally Shooting Gallery Pinball?

What the? I wonder what the art would have looked like for “Shooting Gallery”? It doesn’t sound like it would be a code name for Hotdoggin’. How many theme’s did they go through before deciding on Hotdoggin’? Makes you wonder if they usually designed the layout, or the art first.






Gary Gayton did not design very many machines, but they were some good ones. Evel Knievel, Strikes and Spares (obviously the layout matches the theme) , Lost World, Star Trek (theme seems wrong for the layout (BALLY in the middle of the playfield?)), Hotdoggin’ and Fireball 2 (definitely matching design and theme).


By the way. Notice anything different on the left inlanes?