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MMR Update 9/8/14

Here is the update for Monday 9/8/14

  • Weekly conference calls between PPS, Chicago Gaming, and Stern mgmt to review key status, planning, and any issues to prepare for game production, including scheduling, last details, MMR line status, game status, etc.
  • Transformer issue that had caused some consternation has been resolved! Issue was how spec was interpreted by Tranformer company and was fixed and no longer an issue.
  • Game has passed FCC and CE !
    FCC          CE
  • UL certification testing is in process for MMR, which involves various communication back and forth about the game, and a battery of tests in various labs to insure that the game is ‘safe’. UL is pretty standard for large commercial/home electronic/mechanical devices and something that all major pinball manufacturers certify with.
  • Additional Pilot games are being built now at Chicago Gaming as well as at Stern – one or more of those games will be deployed at one or more test ‘sites’ very soon.
  •  We are wating as you are for the MMR Overview Video that should have been released featuring Roger Sharpe. The video exists and is going thru some minor edits to include additional feature description. We are all anxious for it and this is being done at Chicago Gaming so as soon as it’s available we will post it here!
  • Just going thru final stages of getting everything ready to turn on, so once we get UL clearance, then we will figure out scheduling with Stern who is able to put MMR either on the main line or a newly developed secondary line based on production scheduling – which will ensure that MMR’s will be able to keep rolling regardless of the introduction of any new Stern games.

We will update periodically and certainly the closer we get the more we will update