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More MMR FAQ 7/25/14 …

Q: Does MMR come with a printed manual?
A: Yes

Q: Will there be available printed schematics?
A: Yes

Q: Will the game include wing bolt nots fur securing the head on location?
A: Yes

Q: Will there be a 110 service outlet for soldering or lights?
A: Yes, same as original

Q: How will the game be updated?
A: Customer will boot off Mirco SD card. System will automatically update onboard flash. Updates will be available on the web to load onto SD card.

Q: Does the coin door have a high power lockout?
A: Yes, this is a UL/CE requirement

Q: Original had helpful scrolling text in the test meni when you hit the start button, telling fuse type and number, connector locations, etc – will MMR?
A: It will display original information. We will add a document explaining how to translate this from original system to the MMR system.

Q: Will test reports (credit dot) still work as it does on original MM?
A: Yes

Q: How are boards below the playfield protected against debris?
A: Driver boards are backed by Formex (modern replacement for fishpaper, power supply PCB is located in the metal case in the front right of the cabinet with on/off switch fuse, etc.


MMR Update – Turning the corner to Mfg! 6/30/14

MMR Update 6/30/14

Here’s the latest update for MMR, we are now having regular status calls with Chicago Gaming Co (CGC) and Stern Pinball Inc (SPI) around the details of MMR. Dates are a function of 3 things:

  • Parts fit/form – despite taking a lot of time to insure all parts are correct, there are also a couple of instances where parts have come in with some re-work needed, as well as in one or two cases where the blueprint was not the latest – some small number of parts still coming in for first article fitting. Fitting of each and every part (verify against blueprint, verify against original part, and fit into machine and test) can take from an hour up (900 parts) … obviously for high volume manufacturing every part needs to be spot on.
  • UL/CE testing – this is a required pseudo government agency to insure that the product is safety and certification tested. Testing takes weeks with any iterations required adding time. UL so far is positive and has been reviewed by SPI and preliminary by UL, but UL formal testing is ongoing, so there is always a risk in this process.
  • Scheduling – we are putting MMR into the main Stern Pinball Inc (SPI) assembly line, so we need to be scheduled in such that MMR is ready and SPI line is ready.

Note that everyone is headsdown on keeping to a schedule and a date – and things can move based on any of the above major factors and a number of minor issues. But we are working to these objectives and we are very very close and resources have been allocated to the assembly, time slots allocated in the SPI line, as well as all parts ordered, most in, and some stragglers coming in every day.

All of the primary parties (Chicago Gaming, Stern Pinball, and Planetary Pinball) are working hard to drive the scheule and lock in the build date. As of right now, the following is planned:

  • Build pre-production games now at CGC and SPI, and then more thru the 2nd week of July which will be the ‘test’ to insure we are ready to put on the line and go. Any build or parts or assembly issues will need to be quickly addressed!
  • Main line game production set to begin last few days of July, and that will occur in 3-4 different assembly slots to insure that we have the proper pace of game, as well as track parts / supply chain availability. Expected 100+/week rate of assembly, and will span over several months. Exact slots after the initial 2 batches to be determined based on how the initial games roll off the line, as well as to pace the shipping logistics, etc. SPI also uses the line to build their games, so we will be switching based on the scheduling of the various SPI game builds and MMR progress.

So, we are in the millions of $ of parts ordered/received and are moving ahead with the build and release of the game! We have CGC and SPI very focused on doing what they need to do to move the game thru assembly, and we will next be working with the resellers to finalize the orders, shipping details, etc.

At this point, we will also be notifying customers that the deposits will become formally ‘hard’ on July 10, so that we have time to handle the logistics of setting up fulfillment of the game to the customers, so we really need to know exactly who those customers are, how many are going where, etc. We will be providing resellers with all of the information that we will need for each game. The trim option will be addressed in assembly by making the games in ‘batches’ of

Note that due to the trim option (gold, black, stainless/zinc), this creates some complexity for manufacturing and it has been decided that the games will be built in groups of a certain quantity by trim color to avoid any mixups or confusion, and that will then translate to batches of specific trim color games going out in waves. The exact quantities and how they are batched will be determined as we get the specifics of the orders in the next couple of weeks (hence the July 10 ‘hard’ deposit date, etc).

We are excited that we are at the final stages of getting the MMR and we are now all hands to focus on the assembly, final test, and fulfillment stage of the project. We will be providing updates as well as working with the resellers on the logistics site of fulfillment and will update on that as we get confirmation of exact orders, option details, etc.