Monthly Archives: February 2014

MMR Update (again) 2/8/14 – Electronics Warranty now 1 Year!

In talking to a number of customers and non-customers we have decided to extend the warranty (replace) for Electronics from 180 days (half-year) to one full year. This was after a discussion with Chicago Gaming who is very confident in the electronics in terms of reliability and longevity. So to allay one of the biggest concerns with a new platform, we will extend the warranty to offer replacement boards if any should fail under normal use for a period of 1 year.

MMR Mini-Update 2/8/14 – Additional LE benefits

Just a quick update – game progress going well, making minor tweaks and doing what we need to do. Still confirmed with Chicago Gaming for Q2 shipment start. Planning barring any last minute issues of having 3 games at Texas Pinball Festival end of March.

We’ve added a couple of enhancements for LE owners:

First: MMR LE’s will have upgraded cabinet bottoms – 18mm (.71 Inch) Russian Birch Plywood bottoms for the LE’s – this an upgrade over the standard MDF and will be thicker and stronger.

Second: MMR LE’s will have finished insides of cabinets – so black all around as opposed to the semi-finished black painted as per typical cabinets (visible areas, etc).

More coming, just a quick update.